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PK Associates History and Information

PK ASSOCIATES, LLC was established in 1992 by Clifford R. Paul, P.E., S.E. and Jack M. Koehler, P.E., S.E. for the purposes of providing the design and building industry a creative alternative in structural engineering services for both private and public sector clients. Our approach is to expand past the confines of conventional ideas and investigate new ideas on each individual project while utilizing state-of-the-art proven concepts.

We prefer to be involved in the early design phases, working closely with the owner, architect, design/build contractor and other consultants to ensure the structure is cost-effective and meets the needs of all those involved. This philosophy allows the design team to benefit from our past extensive design experience and previous creative/progressive solutioneering.

PK Associates' staff of more than 60 includes 13 Registered Professional Engineers and 16 Engineers-In-Training. We serve our clients out of our offices located in Scottsdale, Arizona; Austin, Texas; Orange County and San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado. We are professionally registered in 46 states.

The design and construction of a building cannot be accomplished without the aid of a structural engineer. However, the quality and economics of the structure are determined by which structural engineering team designs it. We feel that our team brings value to the project, not cost.

With our extensive experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to assist in recommendations and/or special studies to determine the best structural system for projects. We will investigate as many structural systems as are required to develop the most practical and cost effective system to be used for local conditions and materials.

Ensuring the project is constructed in the best and most economical manner is always important. PK Associates will apply its expertise, during the early stages of the project, to assure all structural possibilities have been explored utilizing cost conscious strategies and alternative solutions.

PK ASSOCIATES, LLC has extensive experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM). We were a pioneer in utilizing cutting edge 3D technology when our firm designed over $10 billion in advanced technology facilities in the 1990’s. Three dimensional models were required in order to integrate the structural design with the architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and process piping. We led the practice of integration and continue to provide these services utilizing the most up to date software and state-of-the-art equipment including; Revit® Structure, AutoCAD,  ADAPT Structural Concrete Software System, ETABS, and Ram Structural System.

On all major projects, we use BIM software to develop and analyze the structure. We share these 3 dimensional models for cross-discipline design coordination and to help generate final fabrication models. The inter-discipline model helps all parties see the major elements of the building in 3D as the design progresses and creates a great avenue for project information to be complete and provide better cost estimates and schedule verification.

To ensure project consistency throughout the entire project, the Design Team transitions to the Construction Administration Phase. Communication lines are kept open at all levels during construction. We maintain a detailed reporting program and follow-up on progress to ensure timely completion of the project.

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