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GCU Parking Garages

Market Sector




Phoenix, AZ


Grand Canyon University (GCU)


Architects+Planners International


Pono Construction

Construction Type

Pre-Cast Concrete

PK Associates has completed structural design services on 5 precast parking structures on the Grand Canyon University Campus. The 2,500 space garages are 800,000 SF each, with 4 elevated levels/5 parked levels. The 6th garage on campus is currently in construction with completion in August 2018. The 7th garage is currently in design.

NAME/LOCATION                                             SPACES
33rd Avenue Parking Garage                               1,600
Halo Parking Garage                                             1,500
29th Avenue & Camelback Parking Garage      2,500
27th Avenue Parking Garage                               2,500
Grove Parking Garage                                           2,500
29th Avenue & Missouri Parking Garage           2,500
31st Avenue Parking Garage                               1,800

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